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Leave the parking to Elegant Valet Parking Services, Inc.
Leave the parking to Elegant Valet Parking

Elegant Valet Parking has been in operation since 2005 under the direction of Nicholas Vitanza, an NYU Stern alum and 20-year Wall Street veteran. During that time Elegant has made a name for ourselves in making difficult parking situations flow seamlessly. Nicholas and his talented team of parking industry veterans are experienced in every corner of the industry from Manhattan parking facilities to expansive suburban shopping malls and fine dining empires. Over the years, Elegant Valet has dealt with problems ranging from parking facilities that had half the capacity a venue needed, off-site parking and even parking for a luxury hotel in the Hurricane Sandy-ravaged city of Long Beach.

We’ll work hard to craft the most efficient and safe solution for your property, and we’ll hold ourselves and our employees to the highest standards. No matter the challenge your property presents, be it a discreet clientele, a very small parking facility, off-site parking, or concerned neighbors, Nick and the team at Elegant Valet has likely dealt with similar issues in the past. Elegant Valet will exceed not only your expectations but, perhaps most importantly, the expectations of your guests.

Elegant Valet Parking Services, Inc.
Elegant Valet Parking

Hospitality businesses and private events often present us with challenges. Chief among them being mass arrivals and departures and often more demand for parking spaces than there is available. Elegant Valet has a long history of serving venues and private events where parking is hard to come by and where guests arrive in large groups. Through our years of experience, we’ve learned how to effectively and safely manage our staffing to best serve your venue’s needs.

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