East End Swimming Pool Experts Talk Automation, Saltwater and More

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Summer’s almost here, and it’s just about time to jump into your swimming pool. Check out what East End experts have to say about the latest in pool technology, solar paneling and more.

What’s the latest in pool technology right now?

At Cool Water Pool Works, we focus on automation as our favorite products to discuss with customers and colleagues. The “new” technology system that impresses us most is the Jandy AquaLink RS. Although the AquaLink system itself has been in the marketplace for a little while now, there is now new technology that allows customers to control their entire pool and spa remotely from any wireless device, from anywhere. Customers love the concept that they can have complete control over the entire pool system, not just when they are physically at their home, but when they are away, too.

We are also extremely conscious of creating the safest pool possible for our customers’ families. This includes lowering chemical use via a customized approach. Being able to accurately control a pool’s temperature allows us to reduce the amount of chlorine we put in it. Heat is an enemy of chlorine levels, so the lower the time the heater has to run, the lower the use of chemicals. Of course, there are efficiencies for fuel use as well, which save our clients money.—Philip Michael, Cool Water Pool Works

Automation, allowing pool and accessory control via handheld devices. New LED lighting. Multiple small lights can be white or color controlled by automation and can be linked to home audio for light shows. Water fountains spraying into pools with color infusion. Auto covers and energy efficient equipment.George Kazdin, Kazdin Pools & Spas

Automation, where you have the ability to control your pool features through your phone.—Bob Grant Sr. & Bob Grant Jr., Aqualine Swimming Pool Service, Inc.

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How have you seen solar pool technology improve over the course of your career?

Solar heating has seen the greatest technology improvements. Placing solar panels on your roof, which utilize the solar heat radiation from the sun, is the most energy-and-cost-efficient way to heat your pool.—Philip Michael, Cool Water Pool Works

Panels and controls have improved. Systems for pools still require a lot of panels. If the room is available for the panels, it’s a very efficient way to heat the water. Don’t forget the solar pool cover to go with it and with any pool heating system.—George Kazdin, Kazdin Pools & Spas

Solar pool heating technology has steadily improved over my career. Panel manufacturers have incorporated special glazing materials over the panels to reduce wind loss for pools near the ocean, like many homes in the Hamptons. These type of panels also have higher BTU ratings, which means more heat for the pool. The automatic controllers can now interface directly with variable speed pumps to regulate the correct speed to maximize heating efficiency. Some manufacturers now make panels in a one piece; overmolded construction, which prevents welds and weld leaks. In the old days, all panels were glued together from many different pieces and would leak after several seasons of use.—Kevin Wert, Sunshine Solar Technologies

What are some current pool trends on the East End?

A big trend right now continues to be saltwater pools. A focus of Cool Water Pool Works is to ensure our customers’ pools are not only clean and safe, but are also healthy and environmentally friendly. Saltwater pools achieve this by requiring less chlorine specifically, but call for less chemicals overall.—Philip Michael, Cool Water Pool Works

More and more pool/spa combos. Fire pits. Infinity pools. High-end vinyl pools offering more and more features. Salt-sanitized pools are very popular. Remember high school science? Salt is NACL. Sodium and chlorine. No magic—you just produce your own chlorine by maintaining the proper concentration of salt.—George Kazdin, Kazdin Pools & Spas

Salt conversions—pools converting to salt systems.—Bob Grant Sr. & Bob Grant Jr., Aqualine Swimming Pool Service, Inc.

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What’s going to be the hottest pool accessory on the East End this season?

The hottest pool accessory this year will not be your typical inflatable toy, but a floating, wireless, waterproof speaker from ECEEN. This speaker has high quality sound that can connect to your smart device or computer, from which you can control playlists, volume, etc. Second to this is an app-based product that allows Cool Water Pool Works to create complete transparency with our clients. Our customers know exactly how long we were onsite, exactly what services we performed and exactly what chemicals we used, and how much they were charged. We have taken the guessing out of weekly billing for pool maintenance.—Philip Michael, Cool Water Pool Works

Automation, lighting, waterfalls, fountains, salt-sanitized pools and infinity pools.—George Kazdin, Kazdin Pools & Spas

Heat pumps to replace conventional gas and oil heaters.—Bob Grant Sr. & Bob Grant Jr., Aqualine Swimming Pool Service, Inc.

What’s the best reason to add a pool to your property?

I believe pools are one of the true luxuries a proper Long Island home should have. I usually give these three reasons for why everyone should have a pool: 1. Pools beautify any backyard. 2. Acts as a centralized entertainment area. 3. The relaxation factor. Nothing is more enjoyable and calming than going for a swim in a pool on a hot summer day!—Philip Michael, Cool Water Pool Works

Done properly, besides the fun, enjoyment and family time, is the increased value of your property.—George Kazdin, Kazdin Pools & Spas

Pools are fun for people of all ages and tend to be a social focal point during warm summer days. Pools are also great for non-impact aerobic exercise. Running can be very damaging on the knees, joints and the lower back, unlike swimming. If designed and constructed properly, pools can add beauty and tranquility to a property.—Kevin Wert, Sunshine Solar Technologies

Vacation at home, enjoy your own backyard, have parties or enjoy for yourself.—Bob Grant Sr. & Bob Grant Jr., Aqualine Swimming Pool Service, Inc.

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