Who Makes Better Strawberry Shortcake, Gwyneth Paltrow or Ina Garten?

Gwyneth Paltrow, Ina Garten, Photos: ©PatrickMcMullan, Daniel Gonzalez
Gwyneth Paltrow, Ina Garten, Photos: ©PatrickMcMullan, Daniel Gonzalez

Amagansett resident Gwyneth Paltrow and East Hamptonite Ina Garten both have multiple cookbooks under their belt and are well-versed in the kitchen. This makes them ideal candidates for the Delish Celebrity Snackdown, a YouTube series that pits the recipes of top chefs and celebrities against each other to determine which recipe is best. This week, Delish set out to discover which one of these East End culinary experts makes the better strawberry shortcake.

Garten’s recipe deconstructs the classic concept and places the whipped cream and sugared strawberries in a martini glass beside a pair of shortcake biscuits. Judges declared the treat to be delicious, though the somewhat pretentious display lost some points for requiring the judges to assemble the dessert themselves. Paltrow’s recipe takes a healthier approach by using spelt flour, vegetable shortening and agave syrup to create biscuit sandwiches. Judges knocked off points for the bread tasting too healthy and, ultimately, declared Garten’s recipe the winner.

Last week, Hamptons visitor Kourtney Kardashian’s Rice Krispie treat recipe went up against that of The Pioneer Woman host Ree Drummond. In an otherwise standard recipe, Drummond uses rainbow sprinkles to give her square sweets a splash of color and fun. Kardashian uses vegan marshmallows and Kerrygold Salted Butter to create her treats, which she then molds into fun shapes with the help of various cookie cutters. The judges were immediately drawn to Drummond’s colorful treats and loved the taste and stickiness as well. They were ultimately unimpressed with Kardashian’s bites and named Drummond the winner.

Amagansett resident and 2013 Dan’s Taste of Two Forks host Bobby Flay’s Philly cheesesteak was put to the test against that of British Chef Jamie Oliver. The East Ender’s recipe employs poblano and Cubano peppers, cremini and shitake mushrooms, while the Englishman’s contains arugula and mustard in a baguette. Judges loved the texture of Flay’s bread and the pop of flavor provided by the peppers, while the crunch of the baguette was the most common note on Oliver’s dish. In the end, Flay was declared the winner.

Best friends Snoop Dogg and East Hamptonite Martha Stewart go head to head in the battle of chocolate cake. His batter uses buttermilk, cocoa powder and lots of vanilla, while hers uses Valrhona cocoa powder, coffee and three sticks of butter. Stewart’s received high marks for the moistness of the cake and the richness of the icing. Oddly enough, most judges tasted coffee in Snoop’s, despite the lack of that ingredient. The light, fluffy texture of his recipe beat out Stewart’s by one vote.

Sagaponack’s Jimmy Fallon may not be a top chef, but his chili can stand its ground against Guy Fieri’s beanless recipe. Fallon cooks three pounds of ground beef in a slow cooker, adding onions, lime juice and habanero before serving. Fieri’s dish blends three types of dried chili peppers, three types of fresh peppers, beef chuck roast and Mexican beer. The final verdict was that the spiciness of Fieri’s chili overpowered the milder flavor of Fallon’s version.

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