60 Summers Throwback: Nude Bathers Beware, from July 4, 1980

Nude bather holding hat over crotch
Photo: iStock

From the July 4, 1980 issue of Dan’s Papers:

At some beaches, nude bathers will be arrested and taken away to the hoosegow. At other beaches, nude bathers will be left alone is they are in an isolated place where they don’t disturb anyone. No authorities will tell you that nude bathing is legal.

At least, however, the situation is manageable. In Senegal, Africa, according to a friend of ours who has just returned from there, the situation is not nearly so manageable. All through Dakar, the capital of Senegal, there are notices in English and French warning tourists not to swim nude on the beaches.

“Foreign tourists who swim nude,” the notes say, “risk vigilante justice from outraged local people.”

—Dan Rattiner

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