Odd Animal Friendship Explains Flying Dog Mystery

Teacup Yorkie in bald eagle's nest
Lana in the eagle’s nest, Photo: 123RF

Hamptons Police Department Fish & Game wardens have concluded that hysteria around a reported flying dog in Hampton Bays was actually a bald eagle carrying a teacup Yorkie in its talons as it flew over area homes. The story, however, is not as terrible as it sounds, according to wardens.

“From what we’ve learned, the 2-year-old Yorkie, named Lana, and the eagle, who we’re calling Eagalus, are actually friends,” HPD Fish & Game Warden Brent Smithers explains. “The pair had enjoyed quite a bit of cavorting and play in Lana’s backyard, her owners tell us, and it seems Eagalus just wanted to take the dog for a ride.”

Unfortunately, while Lana is safe for now, she’s been spotted in the eagle’s nest, which stands atop a cell tower some 90 feet above the ground in Sears Bellows County Park. Warden Smithers says his team is working on a plan to retrieve the dog, if the eagle doesn’t bring her back soon.

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