Cardboard Boat Race Tie

Desirée Keegan

The Supervisor’s Cup ended in a tie.

From the halfway point on down, Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman and Riverhead Town Supervisor Laura Jens-Smith were neck and neck (or bow and bow) at the annual Cardboard Boat Race on the Peconic River Saturday.

August 10 marked the second time the two supervisors faced off, with Jens-Smith taking home the top honor last year. Schneiderman has used the same carboard boat he built himself for the past three years, and Jens-Smith steered the same one Brookhaven National Lab made her for the 2018 event. The pair crossed the finish line in one minute, 19 seconds. As a result of the tie, the supervisors will share the trophy. Southampton will put it on display for six months, and turn it over to Riverhead in February. In 2017, Schneiderman beat former Riverhead Supervisor Sean Walter.

The Supervisor’s Cup was one of five separate races. “Jaws,” steered by Parker Roppelt and Cameron Giordano, both age 11, won the Youth Regatta. Amanda DeArmitt took first in the Riverhead Yacht Club Regatta in a boat made by Girl Scout Troop 220. SS Tape, crewed by Jay, Lynda, and Sami Simunovitch, and Luke Eberlein, emerged victorious in both the Grand Regatta and the Outlaw Regatta.

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