The 9/11 Memorial

Justin Meinken

With an incredible drive and facing challenges few could begin to comprehend, two brothers, Bob and Tony Ganga, began planning the construction of a 9/11 memorial in East Hampton more than two years ago. Now, 18 years since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, the brothers and their countless supporters have completed the memorial. The memorial rests on the grounds of the American Legion in Amagansett and faces Montauk Highway. A large twisted support beam taken from the remnants of the World Trade Center forms the central monument, and its foundation is lined with signed bricks that bear the names of the many families who donated the funds necessary for the memorial’s construction. More than 100 people attended the memorial’s dedication.

Thanks to the courageous efforts of the people involved in its construction, the 9/11 Memorial will stand as a beacon of remembrance for the Town of East Hampton.

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