High School Students See Justice Applied

T. E. McMorrow
Catherine Tyrie, second from the right, believes in giving her students a chance to watch what they have learned in her criminal justice classes being applied in the real world. This past week, one of her two classes sat in as Justice Steven Tekulsky went through his criminal calendar.

Fifteen East Hampton High School students from one of Catherine Tyrie’s two criminal justice classes got a first-hand look at how the system works October 24. They sat in the juror’s box and watched as Justice Steven Tekulsky ran his criminal

After the busy morning was finished, Tekulsky answered questions from the students, as did Jamie Greenwood and Rudy Migliore from the district attorney’s office, along with Matthew D’Amato from the Legal Aid Society. Some students expressed an interest in taking what they have learned to a higher level.

Those included Jacqueline Astudillo and Cristina Lopez, both 16, and both juniors. They said after that they were fascinated by law, and wanted to become defense attorneys in the criminal justice system “to help people.”

Tyrie’s other class will be sitting in at the courthouse next month. Both classes will also be conducting a mock trial, as well as taking a trip to the county jail in Riverside.

“It is always more meaningful when they have the opportunity to experience firsthand what we learn about in the classroom,” Tyrie said.

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