Dart’s Farm Makes Holiday Magic with Colorful Live Christmas Trees

Ed Dart with his colored trees at Dart's Tree Farm
Ed Dart shows off his colored trees at Dart’s Tree Farm, Photo: Barbara Lassen

Third-generation historic family operation Dart’s Christmas Tree Farm has been offering trees in Southold for more than four decades. Visitors can cut their own trees or buy premium pre-cut Fraser fir and concolor (aka white) fir, as well as handmade wreaths and sprays in their historic barn, built in 1753.

This year, the farm is featuring more designer-friendly, live Christmas trees in a variety of unusual colors, including pink, blue and purple! These spectacular trees will be displayed along a walkway in the tree farm’s new Magic Color Forest where visitors can take fun photos ideal for sharing on Instagram.

Dart's Tree Farm Magic Color Forest
Dart’s Tree Farm Magic Color Forest, Photo: Barbara Lassen

With many years in the business, proprietor Ed Dart says he’s thrilled for the opportunity to offer something new and different from the usual Christmas fare. Colored trees are nothing new, but finding live specimens is certainly out of the ordinary.

“I get a pleasure from breaking out of the status quo. I’m 70 years young now and doing crazy things like this—and I’m loving every minute of it,” Dart explains. “Last year I did a little pilot project and found that while the traditional Christmas tree buyers were not ready to pull the trigger and buy a purple Christmas tree, at least they were very pleasantly amused,” he continues. “They would say things like, ‘It’s not for me, but my sister would love one.’ Artistic folks and creative people went nuts for them and couldn’t leave without one.”

Colorful Christmas tree at Dart's Farm
Colorful Christmas tree at Dart’s Farm, Photo: Rebecca Abatelli/Dart’s Christmas Tree Farm

While Dart won’t reveal exactly how his trees get their unique hues, he tells believers, “They are colored by magic.” And we believe him.

Dart’s Tree Farm is located at 2355 Main Bayview Road, Southold. For more info, call 631-765-4148 or visit dartschristmastreefarm.com

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