Cacio e Pepe Lollipops

Who: Chef Emanuele Baldassini

Instagram: @AnticaPesa

Chef Baldassini’s Guest-Worthy Recipe: Cacio e Pepe Lollipops


“I wanted to create a fun table snack for the restaurant reminiscent of the Cacio e Pepe we serve at Antica Pesa — a crowd favorite. As these Cacio e Pepe lollipops are cooked in a microwave, they’re incredibly easy, but look intricate and are a great way to decorate a table! They use just three ingredients, but the key is achieving the balance of the three flavors together.”


Pinch of ground black pepper

1/4 c ground Pecorino Romano cheese

Popsicle stick or lollipop sticks


Place the Pecorino and the black pepper on top of parchment paper, making small circles.

Place a stick in the middle of the circle.

Cook in the microwave for one minute and 40 seconds and serve immediately.

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