The Clamshell Foundation And East End Cares Launch ‘$5 For Food’ Campaign


The Clamshell Foundation and East End Cares have come together to raise critically-needed funds for emergency food supplies for local food pantries during the COVID-19 crisis — including East Hampton, Springs, Sag Harbor, and Montauk.

Christopher Barry, an East End Cares member, is spearheading the community-wide effort with Kori Peters, the president of the Clamshell Foundation, asking community members to donate as part of their “$5 For Food” campaign.

The Clamshell Foundation and East End Cares has started $5 For Food campaign to raise money for local food pantries. Independent/Courtesy The Clamshell Foundation

“COVID-19 has left many in our community without jobs or alternate means of support,” Barry said. “A rapidly-growing number of the elderly, families, and children are relying on local food pantries to survive during this time of uncertainty and challenge. We hope, by asking for just a $5 donation, everyone will be able to join in. Every dollar will go directly to provide emergency food to the East Hampton Food Pantry, Springs Food Pantry, Sag Harbor Food Pantry, and Montauk Food Pantry.”

East End Cares was founded during Superstorm Sandy and is a collective of individuals who connect people who want to help others with opportunities to do so.

“In so many ways we are already a paycheck-to-paycheck community — and now, too many of our neighbors face unemployment without sick pay or benefits of any kind,” said Melissa Berman, one of the group’s founders. “Food is the most basic of needs for every individual and every family. Food is love. And we want to share as much of both as we can.”

The Clamshell Foundation was founded in 1992, and supports people, programs, and projects of the East End by giving 100 percent of all proceeds from any fundraiser back to the community.

“We are so thankful for East End Cares,” said William Kalbacher, the CEO of The Clamshell Foundation. “It is an honor to be working with them as we strive to make a difference in the community during this difficult time. Thank you to everyone who is helping others stay safe and healthy.”

Donations can be made by visiting, and all assistance is tax deductible.

“East End Cares is gratified to be collaborating with the Clamshell Foundation and such an incredible team of volunteers who came together from various disciplines to support the $5 For Food campaign,” Barry said. “With the community behind us, I believe that we can fill these food pantries and the bellies and hearts of our neighbors in need.”

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