DansPapers.com Top 10 Stories of the Week April 5–11

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The first-ever Dan’s Papers online egg hunt and the new ways of worshipping from afar. The power of chocolate to help others and pearls of wisdom from East End chefs. Ten can’t-miss Alec Baldwin performances and more highlight this week’s DansPapers.com Top 10 stories of the week.

Welcome to the 2020 Dan’s Papers Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

The East End Easter Bunny’s helpers has hidden a dozen eggs all over the pages of DansPapers.com for an egg-cellent adventure. Have you joined in the fun yet?

Keeping the Faith: Virtual Worship on the East End

The need for isolation and social distancing are keeping people away from one another when the natural inclination is to turn to community for comfort. And for people who look to their faith during times of crisis, the lack of in-person worship and services can be especially challenging. Thankfully, we’re also living in a time of technology that is advanced enough to make it easy to connect with others virtually, and religious organizations of the East End are making it convenient and engaging to connect and worship remotely.

Chocology Unlimited: Seeing RED and Giving Back

“At Chocology, our vision is RED—Relationships, Education and Distinctive quality,” says Chocology Unlimited founder Linda Johnson. “We feel that when we keep our focus on RED, everything flows, not only for Chocology but also for our clients and partners.” Read more on how she and her local company are giving back.

Binging Baldwin: Stream Alec Baldwin Films from Comedy to Thriller

Alec Baldwin is a staple of the arts community on the East End and has had a prolific career in film, having appeared on the silver screen since the 1980s. Whether it’s a quick but memorable cameo or a major character, Baldwin has incredible range—not many actors could sell later-in-life romance (It’s Complicated) and spy director (Mission Impossible: Fallout) within a few years of each other. Check out these films featuring Baldwin on various streaming platforms.

Riverhead BID Gift Card Program Helps Hospital Workers & Restaurants

The Riverhead Business Improvement District (Riverhead BID) sponsoring a new double-impact fundraiser to help hospital workers fighting on the frontline of the coronavirus COVID-19 crisis, and to support downtown restaurants that are struggling to stay in business during the nationwide shelter-in place order. The solution for assisting both hospital workers and restaurants comes in the form of gift cards.

Remote Closings Help Real Estate Industry Move Forward

The show must go on. While the quarantine continues, many businesses—many industries, really—have had to adapt to sustain. So much of real estate is reliant on physical space, from first looks to closings, which has prompted experts and professionals to get creative, and fast.

Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center Unveils Virtual Programming

Arts organizations rely on their audience and communities to thrive. With the quarantine preventing theaters from having events, groups have had to adapt quickly to survive. The Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center (WHBPAC) has introduced a lineup of virtual programming to continue its mission of enriching the arts community of the East End under the stewardship of Executive Director Julienne Penza, who discusses the unique new approach the organization is taking.

Preserve Your Story with Southampton History Museum’s Corona Journals

Many years from now, historians will search for personal accounts of life under COVID-19 quarantine and social distancing. Southampton History Museum’s Corona Journals project is already compiling those stories today. This is only one aspect of the museum’s new digital initiative, which also promises enlightening lectures, insightful blog posts and other enriching events.

Steer Clear of Ticks During Springtime Strolls

With the warmer weather on the horizon and families spending time together, a walk on one of the many East End trails is a lovely way to pass the time (provided everybody followssocial distancing rules). But it’s important to keep health and safety in mind during these walks, and that includes avoiding ticks.

East End Chefs Roundtable: Best Advice You’ve Received?

Treat others like you would like to be treated. Even if you think a dish you have made is perfect, it can always be better. Worry is worthless. Don’t think you know everything. You’ll learn something new all the time. Top chefs from the Hamtpons and North Fork share words of wisdom for life in and out of the kitchen.

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