DansPapers.com Top 5 Stories of the Week April 19–25

East End Reeds
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Locals helping locals, farm fresh products delivered to your door, bizarre protests, brilliant binge watching and a real estate expert’s insights into must-do mortgage moves round out this week’s DansPapers.com Top 5.

Sag Harbor Cinema Announces $250,000 Relief Fund

In order to help sustain those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Sag Harbor Cinema Community Relief Fund will donate $250,000 over a six-month period to 501(c)3 organizations which are dedicated to food security and emergency relief on the East End. This effort reflects Sag Harbor Cinema’s intention to focus on all aspects of the community it serves, and directly connects with the interests of the East End based couple who made the donation. The rebuilding of the historic Sag Harbor Cinema and its return to full operation will continue to be the priority of the organization, with its array of programs and educational opportunities designed to serve its diverse community. The spirit of the organization called for an extraordinary and special commitment to those of its members who are in jeopardy.

Farm Fresh Produce and Goods for Pickup and Delivery on the East End

Anyone who’s taking social distancing seriously knows how difficult it can be to get the foods we want, especially on the East End. It’s even harder to find fresh, quality foods. Thankfully, local farms, farm stands and other purveyors are helping the community and providing locally sourced produce and other grocery items for safe pickup and delivery. Find local restaurant and liquor takeout and delivery here.

Protestors Refute Cyanobacteria Danger at Lake Agawam

From the Cold Case Files of the Hamptons Police Blotter, a local protest over health-related government restrictions and the unknown people who sparked it. “It’s absurd, but we’re beginning to think people are desperately trying to get into the water simply because the federal government says they can, and because local leaders oppose that view,” said an HPD spokesman.

11 Legendary Neil Patrick Harris Films and Series You Should Be Binging

East Hamptonite Neil Patrick Harris has had his fair share of iconic roles on the big and small screens over the past three decades, with more exciting new projects, such as his highly anticipated part in the yet-untitled Matrix 4, to look forward to. While we wait for that to come out—and for movie theaters to reopen—why not relax at home with a binge of some his most memorable films and series? From Barney Stinson to Count Olaf, which NPH role is your favorite? Speaking of Mr, Stinson, when’s the last time you visited Farhampton?

Legally Speaking: Mortgage Default and Avoiding Foreclosure

In this pandemic, it’s hard to think about your mortgage payments while struggling to maintain your health. However, if you own real estate, you must think about your mortgage or you will face foreclosure. If you are currently struggling to make ends meet, what will happen in a few months if stay-at-home orders remain in place? This situation will easily devolve into a foreclosure crisis the likes of which we haven’t experienced since the Great Recession. To avoid becoming a COVID-19 foreclosure statistic, you must act now.

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