Fitness Instructor Oscar Gonzalez on Staying Active

Fitness instructor Oscar Gonzalez, Photo: Courtesy Oscar Gonzalez

Keep moving!

That’s the sentiment from Hampton Bays-based fitness and Zumba instructor Oscar Gonzalez. While we are stuck at home, it’s important that we don’t become sedentary. Gonzalez has tips and suggestions for keeping healthy and active during the quarantine.

How can someone without a home gym stay fit during the quarantine?
Stay active as much as you can. Walk, run or bike around the neighborhood. There are plenty of online workouts that anyone can try. In our case, we have free Strength, Cardio, Core, Zumba, Martial Arts and nutrition programs via Zoom.

Why is fitness important during the quarantine?
The virus attacks your immune system and if you are not healthy enough it can cause serious problems. We need to stay strong to win the battle.

What are some essential fitness tips you have for people right now?
DO NOT STAY STILL! Stay home but keep moving. Do something fun. Try to dance around the room with your kids. Do different physical activities with your family.

Talk about the importance of good nutrition during this time.
Healthy choices are key during this time. Our bodies are not burning the same amount of calories when we are home mostly sitting or laying in bed, so try to stay away from the ice cream and the cookies. Plus, our system needs good sources of quality food—oranges, spinach, ginger, yogurt, broccoli, almonds—to boost our immune system.

Get remote workouts with Oscar Gonzalez at and find him on Instagram at oscargonzalez0703.

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