Enjoy ‘Lynda’s Chicken’ Recipe from Sylvester & Co. Modern General

Photo: Courtesy Sylvester & Co.

Sylvester & Co. Modern General’s Sag Harbor storefront may not be open, but the beloved local shop is still delivering and offering curbside pickup.

“We are experiencing what our customers are experiencing,” says Holly Dunn of Modern General. “The term Modern General has more meaning than ever. We’re doing our best to provide necessities and comforts for the home, from coffee to personal care. We are cooking at home, too, coming up short with recipe ideas for what we have in the pantry, so we put together some inspiration and shared that with our extended community online as well via our e-mail list and social media.

“Our customers are ordering yoga mats, blocks and towels, meditation candles, cookbooks, comfy leggings, gourmet condiments, dog bowls and treats—you name it. We are just doing our best to support them as they are supporting us during this time. And of course, keeping the Dreamy coffee beans and cold brew stocked and shipping!”

Enjoy this recipe for “Lynda’s Chicken” from Modern General.

Free-range, organic chicken
Extra virgin olive oil
Kosher salt
Sylvester & Co. organic herbs de Provence
Sylvester & Co. crystallized ginger slices
Large ruby red grapefruit
Fresh rosemary or thyme

Buy a free-range, organic chicken, bring it home. Rinse with cold water and pat dry. Say “thank you” to the chicken. Then rub with olive oil, take a handful of kosher salt and coat the chicken evenly. Then over the salt take a handful of herbs de Provence and do the same. Let it rest a minute.

Take one big ruby red grapefruit and slice in evenly cut circles. Lay the circles of grapefruit on your roasting pan. Toss some fresh rosemary or thyme over the grapefruit slices and place your chicken on top (you have just built a raft to elevate the chicken off of the roasting pan).

Take another grapefruit, cut it into sections and mix in a bowl with several (10) rosemary sprigs and 1/2 cup chopped up pieces of crystallized ginger. Toss and squeeze the grapefruit to get as much liquid out of the fruit as possible.

Stuff the chicken with the grapefruit/ginger/rosemary mix, and pour the liquid left in the bowl into the bottom of the roasting pan (makes a divine au jus).

Place your chicken in a HOT oven at 450 degrees for 15 minutes, then drop the temp to 350 and cook until golden brown (approx. 1–2 hours depending on the size of your bird. Use a meat and poultry thermometer to be sure the internal temp reaches at least 165 degrees).

The kosher salt serves to brown the chicken evenly and creates a crust to keep the juices in—a miracle!

Rest your bird, then serve and enjoy!

– Lynda

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