Personal Trainer John Messina on Not Giving Up on Health

John Messina, Photo: John Messina

“You are not alone!”

During this quarantine, it’s easy to forget that everyone out there is going through some sort of upheaval and isolation. Sag Harbor-based personal trainer John Messina believes it’s important to remember that, and to not let the negative thoughts affect your life and health. “Everyone struggles with this or something else,” Messina says. “Don’t let the struggle bring you down. Put on your favorite song and dance all by yourself. Enjoy you! Make you, the best you.”

​How can someone without a home gym stay fit during the quarantine?
There are many options for staying fit during quarantine but, I’m still all about the personal interaction with a client. I have been posting short, online workouts for people to get inspired by and follow.

How have you kept up training your clients from afar?
I have not seen my clients in person for almost two months. I keep in touch and see if they are being active.

Why is fitness important during the quarantine?
During this and any quarantine, one can get complacent and lose interest in their health and well being. Exercise gives you endorphins to help quell that.

What are some essential fitness tips you have for people right now?
Essential fitness tips? Get up and do something. Just do it. I won’t quote “the company” but, they are 100% correct. There are so many options, there is really no valid excuse.

Talk about the importance of good nutrition during this time.
While I think good nutrition should just be a way of life, in these times, some may say, “why?” Why? Because it’s your health, fitness and well being. That is why!

Where can people find you during the quarantine?
I can be found on my Facebook Live videos daily at 9:30. And if people want to explore more about their health and fitness, they can follow up with an appointment with me.

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