Southampton Village Saying Thank You

Southampton Village community members are saying thank you in a big way.

Through Mayor Jesse Warren’s #CommunityLove initiative, health care workers, first responders, and others working in essential occupations will be recognized every Friday at 7 PM.

“Let’s give our health care workers, our first responders, and those serving essential functions a loud round of applause for everything they are doing to serve our community,” Warren said. “While social distancing, go outside or open your windows and clap.”

On a flyer about the thank you, it reads residents should go out on porches, decks, and front stoops to clap and shout, bang pots and pans, and make enough noise “that every single one knows how much their commitment and sacrifice means to Southampton.”

“Make it loud and clear that we are truly grateful and appreciate what they do each and every day,” Warren said. “And let’s do it loud enough so that our hospitals can hear us no matter how close or how far away.”

This clapping and cheering is encouraged across all towns through the state’s #ClapBecauseWeCare campaign. The growing movement to cheer on those on the frontlines of the COVID-19 fight also include grocery workers and others working to keep people safe at home.

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