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Jill Paitchel’s company Home Harmony offers professional organizing, serving New York City and the East End. The goal is to clear out clutter while creating an organized and serene environment for clients. Some of the services she provides are clutter management, paper management, move management, home renovation, downsizing, and home staging.

“Over the years, we have expanded the services we offer to meet our client needs,” said Paitchel. “Clutter is an ever-growing challenge that often results in our homes being taken over by our possessions.”

More than ever, during the time of COVID-19, our homes are our sanctuaries. Indy caught up with Paitchel to discuss her company and share a few tips.

Tell us a little about Home Harmony.

Home Harmony is a professional organizing company serving the East End of Long Island and New York City. We partner with our clients to successfully complete their in-home organizing projects, while providing solutions to keep it organized.

At Home Harmony, we work with clients to create a more harmonious and serene environment and a plan to keep it that way.

How did you get started and what brought you to the East End?

My first career was in global investment management, working in large financial firms and then in my own consulting practice, located in New York City. In 1999, we built our home in Bridgehampton. Having been summer people for many years, in 2016 my husband and I decided to take a break from the city and live here full-time.

It gave us an opportunity to decide what we wanted our life to look like going forward. I’d always enjoyed organizing my own home and those of family and friends. That led me to start Home Harmony.

Why is having an organized home so important?

Your home is your sanctuary, a welcoming place in which to enjoy time with family and friends. Living in a home that’s organized reduces stress and brings about a feeling of wellbeing. Clearing clutter and finding the right place for your possessions will make your life less stressful. You’ll know where things are when you need them and have more open space in which to live.

What are a few tips you’d give to our readers spending more time at home due to COVID-19?

We’re all spending more time at home and it is a great opportunity to get things done. If there is a lot of organizing work to do, accept that it won’t all get done in one day. Build momentum by starting with a small project, which could be cleaning out a junk drawer or organizing a linen closet.

In your closet, hang all your clothes with the hangers placed in the same direction. After wearing the clothes, put them back on the hanger and turn it in the opposite direction. Wait a couple of weeks and then see which clothes you’re not wearing. You can then decide to start wearing them or give them away.

Speaking of hangers, I like the black velvet hangers that can be purchased at The Container Store. The clothes stay on the hangers better and they’re narrow and don’t take up as much space as wooden hangers.

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