More George Floyd Protests Planned On The East End This Weekend

Several protests in the wake of George Floyd’s death will take place in communities on the East End this weekend.

Following peaceful protests in Riverhead, Bridgehampton, Southampton Village, Westhampton, and East Hampton, the movement against police brutality and racial injustice will continue in Riverhead on Saturday and on Sunday in Hampton Bays and on Shelter Island.

“Riverhead’s Peaceful Protest on 58” will be held at the traffic circle next to Peconic Bay Medical Center. The group will start to gather at noon, but get started at 1 PM.

“We will be peaceful, but we will be heard loud and clear,” Margarita Jimenez, one of the organizers wrote on Facebook. “We will be holding an 8 minute moment of silence on our knees around the traffic circle, in memory of George Floyd.”

They are also selling T-shirts, the proceeds of which will be donated to the George Floyd GoFundMe account. T-shirts for adults says, “When the color of your skin is seen as a weapon, you will never be UNARMED.”  Children’s T-shirts read: “When do I go from Cute to DANGEROUS?”

“Shelter Island in Solidarity with Black Lives Matter” will take place on Sunday, June 14, at 1 PM, starting from the Shelter Island School at 33 North Ferry Road. Protestors will gather in the parking lot and it is expected to last two hours.

Shelter Island’s protest is organized by three high school seniors; Henry Binder, Emma Gallagher, and Abby Kotula. They have attended four other protests over the past week. Binder said they have always wanted to get involved. “And in the Black Lives Matter movement specifically we feel that change must come because black rights are basic human rights, so we have to do anything we can to end racism and educate ourselves along the way,” he said.

From left, Henry Binder, Abby Kotula, and Emma Gallagher, seen here at an East Hampton youth rally last week, have organized a protest on Shelter Island. Independent/Richard Lewin

Binder started a social media account and with his friends organized the protest on Shelter Island —  “because there has never been anything like a civil rights protest in our community,” he said. “Then we gathered other community members, college students, and high school students to help us organize this effort, and now we will finally have our own protest.”

They are encouraging fellow protestors to bring signs and “be loud and proud.” Permits, security, traffic stops, and public bathrooms are in place, Binder said.

“And we can’t wait to have everyone come out and march with us,” he added.

In Hampton Bays, the “Justice for George Floyd Protest and March” will be held on Sunday evening at 5 PM. Willie Jenkins, Lisa Votino, and Trevon Jenkins, who have organized and spoke out at other protests, have organized the event.
“We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters all over the country who demand an end to racist policing,” the Facebook event states. “We also remember two other recent victims of deadly racism Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor and the sadly all too long list of other victims.”
The group will meet at the train station on Good Ground Road and then march through Hampton Bays. There will be “an act of solidarity for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, the amount of time George Floyd had a knee crushing his neck,” they wrote. Organizers remind protestors to bring signs, wear masks, and social distance when possible.
Those at a higher risk for the coronavirus who cannot be in the crowd have been asked to park their car on Main Street in Hampton Bays in either direction with a sign outside, facing the road.

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