Wellness Wednesday: Charlotte LaGuardia, Nutritionist, Thrive East

Charlotte LaGuardia of Thrive East, Photo: Eric Striffler

East End native Charlotte LaGuardia is a certified nutrition specialist professional. Her love of food started as a child, being surrounded by the fresh seafood and small farms of our region. She is also a yoga instructor and has a Masters in clinical nutrition. Thrive East, her wellness practice is based in Water Mill. We caught up with LaGuardia to learn more.

Charlotte LaGuardia, Photo: Eric Striffler

Tell us a little about Thrive East.
Thrive East is a wellness practice based in Water Mill with a virtual reach across the country. The intention of the business is to provide individualized and holistic care to everyone through nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. Thrive East is a safe place to heal and learn. One thing that truly sets Thrive East apart from other wellness centers is the focus on education. By teaching clients about how their bodies work, they understand why we are making changes and the profound influence they can have on their health each time they sit down for a meal. 

Do you have a few tips for getting back to a healthy diet and lifestyle after months in quarantine?
Fresh comes first! Our farm stands are open and it is time to take advantage of them, especially if you have been relying on shelf stable foods for the past few months. And yes, I am talking about pasta! Try veggie alternatives for the comfort foods we love so much, like zucchini noodles instead of pasta, sweet potato slices for toast, and bell peppers in place of sandwich bread. 

Another easy way to get back on track is to experiment with new dishes and try new foods. Our microbiome responds positively to the intake of new foods, specifically fruits and veggies, and our biome is responsible for digestive, immune, and neurological health. So, why not help it out? I’ve recently tried purslane, which is a common weed but high in vitamin C and makes a fantastic chimichurri sauce!  

What are a few of your favorite healthy dishes for this season?
My all-time favorite summer dish is a freshly roasted filet of fluke over a bed of grilled veggies and a watercress watermelon salad with jalapeño grapefruit dressing.   

Tell us a little about integrative nutrition.
Integrative nutrition is a practice that involves curiosity, research, and critical thinking. As a practitioner of integrative nutrition, I don’t address individual symptoms, rather I look at the constellation of symptoms and put together the pieces with the goal of identifying the root cause. Integrative nutrition involves not just food, but lifestyle changes as well. As a yoga instructor, I also work with clients physically improving movement and mindfulness. An appointment with me can cover a wide range of topics from food sourcing and preparation to meditation and mindful eating. 

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