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Barry’s, like many fitness studios in the age of COVID-19, has moved classes outside with the launch of Barry’s Outdoors. Classes will be held in the expansive lot behind its Southampton studio. The class is said to burn 1,000 calories during its high intensity interval training. Bring yourself and a mask and the team will supply everything else you need for equipment. We caught up with Chris Hudson, the VP of Curriculum at Barry’s to learn more.

Tell us a little about your outdoor classes and what visitors can expect:
Just like our IRL Barry’s classes and Barry’s At Home, Barry’s Outdoors will feature our signature strength interval training program. Sessions will be 50-minute floor workouts utilizing weights and bands—no treadmill—and everything will be cleaned with hospital-grade, EPA-registered disinfectant. We’ll also be using a silent disco system—we’ll provide the headphones. Just bring a mask and yourself!

Classes will include a silent disco sound system? Tell us a little about that and how you came up with the idea:
Nobody likes a noisy neighbor. We want to be respectful of others while also motivating participants with our carefully curated playlists, and this was the best way to do both.

Aside from moving classes outside, what are some of the safety precautions you’re taking?
Everyone will be six feet apart, and masks will be required in all common areas. Everything will be deep-cleaned with hospital-grade, EPA-registered disinfectant, and instead of a normal class, when you’re switching between equipment and sharing with a neighbor, everyone taking a Barry’s Outdoors class will be using their own equipment (which we provide) for the entirety of class.

How has the response been to the outdoor classes so far?
The response to Barry’s Outdoors has been really positive so far. People are craving connection, and are yearning for a taste of what life was like before the pandemic – and it was important to us at Barry’s to give this, in any way we could, to our Fit Fam. We miss seeing all of our clients and employees come through the Red Room doors, too.

For more info visit barrys.com.

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