Time to Vote for Dan’s Best of the Best 2020

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Dan’s Best of the Best 2020

Everybody has an East End favorite, that go-to business or must-see attraction or been-there-a-million-times-and-can’t-wait-to-go-back restaurant that you always describe as, simply, the best of the best. Throughout this past spring and summer, and now as we head into fall, these best-of businesses and the people who’ve kept them going reminded us again and again why they are so essential, and why supporting them is more important than ever.

The best take-out restaurant in the Hamptons? Yes, you know it. The best art gallery on the North Fork? You’ve visited every week. The best plumber and roofer and contractor? You know their contact info by heart. The best dog groomer? You’re already pulling out your phone to share the 100 photos you took of your pup after you picked her up there last week. The best…well, you get the picture.

We all know the Hamptons and the North Fork are home to the best of everything, from food to fashion to family fun, and we also know it’s a point of pride when you can share your insights on where to find the best of the best. Well, your moment has arrived once more.

The biggest—dare we say, the best—competition on the East End is back! Dan’s Best of the Best voting is underway for 2020, and the time to celebrate and honor your favorite Hamptons and North Fork businesses and personalities is now. Head to DansBOTB.com every day, where you can vote for every one of your local favorites.

Each year, our readers cast votes in hundreds of categories in South Fork and North Fork divisions, in areas including Arts & Entertainment, Food & Drink, Home & Personal Services, Restaurants & Nightlife, Wellness & Beauty, Pet & Animal Services, Professional Services, Recreation Travel & Tourism, Shopping, and Wine & Wineries. Let’s make this the biggest year yet!

Now is the time to let us and fellow Dan’s Papers readers know who makes the Best Cocktail, where to find the Best Men’s Clothing Store, who serves up the Best Italian Cuisine, who provides the Best Domestic Service, where to find the Best Appliance Store and more. Once the votes are tallied, the first place winner in each category on each fork will be named the Best of the Best.

The 2020 contest closes at 11:59 p.m. on November 15, so hurry and start voting today at DansBOTB.com. Once the polls close and the votes are counted, each victor will be contacted and given information about how to collect their awards and start taking advantage of the benefits of being a Dan’s Best of the Best winner. As always, our Best of the Best winners are featured throughout the year in various Best of the Best Spotlight articles on DansPapers.com and in Dan’s Papers, giving readers a more in-depth view of the very best the East End has to offer.

If ever there was a year to celebrate the Best of the Best of everything in the Hamptons and on the North Fork, this is it!

To vote in Dan’s Best of the Best 2020, you must log in at DansBOTB.com. Winners will be announced online at DansPapers.com and showcased in the special December 11 issue of Dan’s Papers.

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