Stargazer’s Future is Looking Up

The damaged Stargazer in September 2020, which has suffered additional damage since then Barbara Lassen
Barbara Lassen

Stargazer, the iconic 40-foot-high sculpture designed by the late Linda Scott that sits in a farm field alongside Manorville Road, may soon be rebuilt.   

Since Tropical Storm Isaias severely damaged the sculpture last summer, the popular piece depicting a deer head glancing skyward has sat unattended without any plan for the future, a forlorn “Welcome to the Hamptons” marker before it in distress.

The holdup in getting it rebuilt has been the lease for the ground on which it sits. The generous farmer who many years ago agreed to let it be erected on that site “for as long as you want it” has passed on and his estate was only offering year-to-year leases. That threw a wrench in plans to spend $100,000 for an all new identical replacement to be built with stronger material. But now David Morris, the life partner of the sculpture’s creator, shared some good news.  

“Thursday, New Year’s Eve, I was told that the estate would like to offer me a long-term lease,” he told Dan’s Papers. “Cross your fingers.”

Anyone interested in donating to the sculpture’s reconstruction can visit to make that happen. 

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