Power Broker: NAIA Hamptons’ Michael Pitsinos

Michael Pitsinos at the mic
Michael Pitsinos speaking at a Dan’s Papers event hosted at NAIA Hamptons
Barbara Lassen

Michael Pitsinos says that his three passions are philanthropy, art and food—and look no further than his posh restaurant, NAIA Hamptons, for proof. He is revolutionizing the service and restaurant industry and is quickly becoming one of the hottest entities on the East End.

Pitsinos has lived a life that has brought him around the world on philanthropic endeavors, but he has brought the world to the Capri Hotel in Southampton, where his NAIA Hamptons tables seat everyone from international East End travelers to A-list celebrities.

NAIA Hamptons is a new concept that has quickly become a staple among Hamptonites and visitors alike. Pitsinos’ vision has been to make the restaurant into a living work of art. The cuisine embraces a philanthropy-first concept that he calls “farm-to-table with consciousness,” with profits that are donated to support local organizations.

Pitsinos immigrated to the United States from Athens, Greece approximately two decades ago. He came here in pursuit of higher education, attending Baruch College. In the years since, he has used his business acumen coupled with his creative eye to build one of the hottest locations in Southampton.

NAIA, meaning “sea nymph” in Greek, seeks to “keep summer sexy,” says Pitsinos, who will be opening for the second consecutive season to serve the community. This project brings the best of Europe home to Southampton residents, with European beach-chic vibes.

While art and food pair well together, he says, philanthropy goes well with everything.

“Feeding those in need, helping the homeless and those who are less fortunate has been my purpose since childhood,” he says. “I have sought to live life to help others, and the journey to do so has brought me to Guatemala, Cuba, Mexico and Panama, among other places, to help create better conditions for others.”

“NAIA Hamptons is a combination of all three passions—food, art and philanthropy,” he adds. “A restaurant with mission and purpose that embraces the beauty of artwork and is itself a living, breathing work of art, as people come, enjoy the poolside experience and live the best part of life on the East End.”

The work, though, continues for Michael, whose new endeavor is to create an identity for social responsibility, with that being the foundation for the continued success of his restaurant.

“All my life I have pushed to create positive change in people’s lives and it has been very fulfilling to me,” he says. “Our work is more than food service or experienced-based at NAIA, and the purpose behind what we do is what sets us apart.

“When you’re here, you’re living the Hamptons life, while helping Hamptonites in need,” he concludes.

Learn more at caprisouthampton.com.

Todd Shapiro is an award-winning publicist and associate publisher of Dan’s Papers.

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