Dan’s Papers Cover Artist Scott Hewett on Classic Trucks

Scott Hewett's art on the cover of the May 7, 2021 Dan's Papers issue
Scott Hewett’s art on the cover of the May 7, 2021 Dan’s Papers issue

There’s nothing like a drive through the country in the warm weather. Cover artist Scott Hewett talks finding artistic inspiration in trucks and more.

What was the inspiration for this piece?
I am always inspired to paint old vehicles. This particular piece piqued my interest because of the play between light and shadow. I have always been a fan of impressionism and this seems to have this painterly quality.

Talk about cars and why they make good subjects for art.
I find the forms of older trucks from the ’50s and ’60s fascinating. They are rotund and I appreciate the classic design. I love it when vehicles weather and the patina is exposed. The colors of rust and crackled paint make for an interesting palette.

Talk about your artistic process.
I primarily paint with acrylics. I like the drying time and it just works with the way I work rapidly. In order to achieve a layered effect, I use gel medium, which is a glaze for building up color to expose the true vibrance.

What inspires you most as an artist?
What inspires me is the play on light shadow and texture. I like to explore this in everyday objects and landscapes.

What are your favorite spots on the East End during the spring?
I’ve always enjoyed taking a ride out to the Napeague and Montauk area. There is a strange, surreal vibe that’s hard to describe. The light’s golden glow, especially in the late afternoon, inspires me to paint.

See more of Scott Hewett’s art at hewettart.com and at the Reboli Center for Art and History’s Shifting Gears exhibition through July 18.


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