Gym Tech: What’s New & Hot in Southampton

Gym Tech in Southamton
Gym Tech in Southamton
Barbara Lassen

Southampton has a new player in town filling the void for quality fitness equipment design, sales, service and rental for both residents and businesses. Congratulations to Sal Strazzeri, the owner of Gym Tech in Southampton located on 16 Hill Street just steps from Agawam Park. The folks at Gym Tech are experts in the field with nearly 20 years of experience designing and outfitting state-of-the-art residential and commercial gyms throughout the tri-state area.

According to Strazzeri, there are a number of reasons why Gym Tech is soon becoming the go-to store for anyone on the East End who needs anything from basic fitness accessories to a finely tuned piece of cardio or strength equipment.

What drew you to this industry? One of my friends had opened up a business that refurbished commercial-grade gym equipment. I was helping him do that while I was in college. One of the customers had commented that if we’re already refurbishing gym equipment, we basically know how to repair it, so why not do service as well? It normally took weeks to get things fixed. We changed the standard from weeks to days about 20 years ago. Since then, we opened for sales of fitness equipment commercially and residentially. That is what really keeps me motivated and stimulated in the industry – because I love helping people and what better way to help than to offer the opportunity to improve their health and increase their fitness level with quality products and service.

What sets Gym Tech Fitness apart from the competition? It’s all about customer service. That’s one of our primary objectives: Give the customer the right customer experience and they’re going to be happy because we’ve actually developed an actual relationship with the people, versus everything being technology driven. We pride ourselves on the level of customer support we provide from the time we meet the customer to well after the sale is complete. 

What brands does Gym Tech carry that the public would recognize?  The most exclusive is Precor fitness equipment. We are the exclusive dealer for New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Also, what is also very unique is that everything we have on our showroom floor is in stock and ready for delivery and installation by our certified technicians within 7-10 days, which is unheard of in today’s environment and amongst this industry.

Will Gym Tech come to your home if a customer wants a full gym design, including flooring and installation? Absolutely, we specialize in that. We will come in, we’ll measure everything, and we’ll design an entire home gym. And, of there is anything that we can’t do, we will assist with getting the specific expert in to get it done. 

What new trends are you seeing? The newest trend is everyone is putting in home gyms due to the pandemic. Even as vaccine rates increase, I see this as a trend that is going to continue. It’s just not going to go back 100% where people feel comfortable going back in public to commercial gyms. We have customers out in the Hamptons and all throughout the East End that are actually putting on additions to their homes just to put a home gym in.

Are there any plans for the future as far as Gym Tech? Our primary focus and attention today as we speak, is to make the Southampton GYM TECH location the premier East End retail store for fitness equipment sales, service, design and installation for both the home/residential customer and commercial businesses. Our other current plan that is happening very soon is the opening of our next location in Greenwich, CT. We’re also expanding into northern New Jersey. 

Gym Tech is open seven days from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The Southampton staff is here to help you select the best piece of fitness equipment to match your needs. Call them at 631-517-1983 or visit them online at

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