Podcast: Dan Rattiner Talks with Wildlife Expert Dell Cullum

Hamptons wildlife expert Dell Cullum speaks to Dan Rattiner in his Who’s Here in the Hamptons” aka "Dan Talks" podcast
Hamptons wildlife expert Dell Cullum

In each episode of the “Who’s Here in the Hamptons” podcastDan’s Papers founder Dan Rattiner introduces you to a new guest, some well known, others with interesting careers and stories, authors, musicians, restaurateurs, some characters and some behind-the-scenes people who live, work and play in the summer paradise of the rich and famous.

EPISODE 40: This week on the “Dan’s Talks” podcast, offered in both video and traditional podcast formats, Dan speaks with Hamptons wildlife expert Dell Cullum, who rescues animals around the East End, writes about his experiences online, and hosts a nature show on LTV, East Hampton’s public access television station. Dell shares with Dan some of his crazier rescue stories—including the largest animals he’s had to deal with and the most difficult rescues he’s had to undergo.

Tune in to the “Who’s Here in the Hamptons” podcast here.

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