ARF Shares Transformation and Adoption Story of Harley, an East Hampton Stray

Continuing their “Happy Tails: Life-saving Stories of Hope” video series on Thursday, Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons, aka ARF, shared another heartwarming rescue and adoption story, this time about Harley, a badly neglected stray dog found roaming the streets of East Hampton, hungry and alone, in August.

“It’s hard today to imagine stray dogs in East Hampton, but Harley is just such a dog,” ARF executive director and CEO Scott Howe says, adding, “When he came to ARF, his whole world changed.”

That couldn’t be more true. When Harley arrived, along with being hungry and traumatized, he had chronic ear disease, tick disease and was “heavily parasitized,” ARF Medical Director Dr. Christine Asaro explains in the video. “He was truly neglected.”

After a series of medicated baths, regular feeding with quality food, and other treatments, Harley’s skin began to heal, his strength returned and soon his sad eyes showed a glimmer of hope. He was just one of a number of dogs getting care behind the scenes at ARF awaiting the day when they’re ready to meet the public and get adopted. It wasn’t long before Harley was fit enough, emotionally and physically, to find a new family and forever home — and he quickly found one.

Howe points out that ARF never gives up on the dogs in their care, and they work tirelessly to find them homes, no matter how long it takes. And once that happens, he says, the shelter has room for another dog to fill his or her spot!

Over the years, ARF has rescued and found homes for tens of thousands of dogs and cats, spreading joy to people and animals alike.

Learn more about ARF and see their dogs and cats available for adoption at

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