Meryl Streep’s Nephew Reaches Plea Deal in Road Rage Case

Meryl Streep's nephew Charles Streep's alleged victim David Peralta-Mera before the attack, at left, and afterwards, at right.
David Peralta-Mera before the attack, at left, and afterwards, at right.

Meryl Streep’s nephew was fined $250 and spared jail time after reaching a plea deal in which a pair of charges were dropped relating to a Hamptons road rage case from last year.

Charles Steep pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in East Hampton Town Justice Court this week. He had previously pleaded not guilty to assault and strangulation following an incident with David Peralta in August 2020. 

“We were confident from the outset that, notwithstanding the distorted and self-serving narrative being peddled to the media by Mr. Peralta and his attorney, a full, fair and impartial review of all the evidence in this case would establish that Mr. Streep did not commit any crime,” Streep’s Manhattan-based attorney Andrew Weinstein said in a statement. “Mr. Streep is extremely grateful that justice has finally been served.”

Peralta’s Hauppauge-based attorney, Edmond Chakmakian, has said Streep put Peralta in a chokehold and spewed racial epithets, and has asked the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office to consider filing hate crime charges. Meanwhile, he filed a civil suit against Streep in New York Supreme Court, as Streep lives in Manhattan when he is not at his parents’ summer home in East Hampton. The suit seeks both compensatory and punitive damages of an unspecified amount.

“I’m pleased that it’s resolved,” Chakmakian said of the criminal case. “Now the civil case can go forward. I have no doubt that a civil jury will see Streep’s actions for what they were. Justice will be served in the civil court.”

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