High Profile: Robert McBride, NY Business Strategist

Robert McBride
Robert McBride

Robert McBride is a natural relationship builder and, perhaps, the most influential business strategist in the State of New York. He holds the ear, and the trust, of many of New York’s most powerful decision makers, political figures and business leaders, and he has lived the quintessential American success story.

Born in Bedford-Stuyvesant to Irish immigrant parents, McBride’s life story begins like many others. He learned the lessons of hard work and dedication at a young age, a major contributing factor to his current success. Throughout his upbringing, his family moved from Brooklyn to Ozone Park, Queens, and then later to Massapequa, where he still calls home to this day. He spends time in the warmer months in Montauk, an area he’s loved since he first casted his fishing line into the water at the age of 19.

McBride’s business is lucrative, and his personal success is rooted in the success of his clients. Advising many of the most high-profile business leaders and public-private partnerships, McBride has earned a reputation as the go-to consultant, and a guy who “gets it done.”

The founder of his namesake company, McBride Consulting and Business Development, he has locations on Long Island, and various other business epicenters, like Washington, Albany, Denver, Dallas and Toronto. The expansion of his business, he says, is rooted in his ability to develop relationships.

“I consider myself a natural relationship builder,” he says. “I run a business that is deliverable-driven, meaning that everyone who works at McBride Consulting is accountable to their clients. We are selective, and only take on those clients in which we believe we can add value and meet their needs, helping them meet their goals.”

In his two decades in this industry, his company has expanded in size and in scope. While many know his company as specializing in government relations, he notes that his company is also seasoned in mergers and acquisitions, privatization of government-run business and public-private partnerships.

“The success of our clients speak for itself,” he says. “We help identify what the shortfall is in companies, and help the business move forward in a positive way.”

McBride’s business consulting helps his clients lay the groundwork to reach new heights, overcome obstacles and shakeup industries in the immediate, intermediate and long-term. When he talks about some of the projects in which his company is involved, you can sense his enthusiasm, as someone who is passionate about bettering the community and helping poise his clients for success.

Notably, on the East End, McBride is involved in the Sunrise Wind and Empire Project, a first-of-its-kind endeavor, which will help bring renewable and sustainable energy to over 500,000 Long Island homes. The wind turbine project, McBride says, is something that he is most excited about, as is the entirety of those involved.

“Myself and my team are delighted,” he says. “We are very proud of our hard work on this project, and like all of our projects, we are just proud to have played a small part in its success. … We are there to make a difference, and that’s what continues to drive us.”

In the time outside of work, McBride says he adores Montauk. He owns a house there, but really considers it a home away from home. He touts his lifelong friendships with everyone from the fishermen, to the local mom-and-pop shop owners that he has known now for decades.

“I love to fish, whether on-shore or off-shore,” he says. “It’s just a joy being in Montauk. I put away my cell phone and focus on its beauty. I wish I could live there full-time, but when I am there, I cherish the moments. There’s just something different about the time spent on the East End.”

When McBride’s out east, he can most often be found frequenting the community’s restaurants and coffee shops. He and his family enjoy spending time at Gurney’s, or the Surf Lodge. He emphasizes though, there’s just nothing like a Montauk sunset.

“I have done more than I ever expected I would, and I’ve seen many parts of the world,” McBride notes. “I am truly blessed. But, when I watch the beauty of a sunset at Navy Beach, I would put it up against any sunset in the world.”

McBride identifies with the Montauk community, and has helped with various endeavors to help preserve the Montauk he knows for the future. He helped raise money for the revitalization of the iconic Montauk lighthouse, crowdsourcing funds for critical repairs needed. He views his efforts as a way he is giving back, and gives him a sense of purpose during his time spent on the East End.

“I really do feel like I am part of the community out here,” he says. “If I can afford to give a few extra bucks to the community, that’s what I will do, and that’s what I will always do. They’re not making land anymore, last time I checked, so I feel a calling to help preserve the unique and irreplaceable beauty of Montauk.”

It is clear in speaking to McBride that his love and appreciation for family runs deep. He and his wife, Marion, have been married for 39 years. He has three children, with whom he spends time in Montauk.

“To me, family is life,” he says. “I can’t even describe to you how great it is to have my family, my brothers and sisters, at our home in Montauk. It is just one of those rare times in life that you are completely comfortable, and everyone around you knows you love them.

“I am blessed. If I die tomorrow, I will do so a happy man,” he continues. “Every day from this point forward to me is a bonus.”

Todd Shapiro is an award-winning publicist and associate publisher of Dan’s Papers.

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