Serafina Brings Taste of Italy to East Hampton

Serafina imports its ingredients from Italy
Serafina imports its ingredients from Italy

Having been in business for over 12 years, Serafina in East Hampton is a prime example of Italian food done with a commitment to authenticity that keeps patrons coming back for more.

The restaurant is gearing up for the return of beach season crowds with some old favorites such as the kale salad and spaghetti with zucchini recently making their way back to the menu.

“I’m hoping to get back the business I lost during COVID,” says Serafina owner Goran Jokic. “There are definitely more people out than there used to be, so that’s a big plus.”

Serafina offers a kid-friendly, family-style atmosphere that makes guests feel right at home and is also the perfect spot for date nights. With the style and chic of a five-star eatery and the accessibility of a locally owned Italian restaurant, Serafina has the best of both worlds with its diverse menu.

Its vast list of flavorful offerings include many pasta options, salads, antipasti, savory meat dishes, and even personal oven-baked pizzas. The Trio di Sofia is a standout smorgasbord of tasting dishes featuring gnocchi with creamy pesto, homemade ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach, and Paglia E Fieno in a delicious pink sauce.

Outside of pasta, Serafina is famous for its black truffle pizza with a thin crust and served as a personal pie. Jokic personally recommends the squid ink pasta with langoustines, scallops, and a spicy tomato sauce. He also recommends the homemade porcini mushroom ravioli if the squid ink pasta has too much of a kick.

All of the restaurant’s ingredients come from Italy, including San Marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, and extra virgin olive oil. Having imported ingredients straight from the source guarantees a delicious and authentic Italian meal.

Service is an essential part of what makes Serafina the restaurant it is. The waitstaff and hosts are always up to par. This attentiveness is also carried out online as their website is updated with their latest information.

An evening at Serafina would not be complete without a dessert to accompany each meal. Its homemade tiramisu is famous across Long Island and was voted best in the country in 2010 making it an unmissable part of the Serafina experience.

With delicious food, an accessible yet sophisticated atmosphere, and a dedicated staff, Serafina sets itself above the competition with its traditional cooking and homemade dishes that send patrons’ tastebuds to Italy thanks to imported ingredients and talented chefs. With the summer quickly approaching and Serafina conveniently located on the South Fork near the water, this restaurant is certainly tops the list of places to try this year.

Serafina is located at 104 North Main Street in East Hampton. It can be reached at 631-267-3500 or

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