Recipe: Sungold Tomatoes from Carlo Mirarchi of Roberta’s

Chef Carlo Mirarchi's Sungold Tomatoes
Chef Carlo Mirarchi’s Sungold Tomatoes
Courtesy Brandon Harman

Chef Carlo Mirarchi of Roberta’s, the new hotspot in Montauk, offers “summer in a bowl” with this simple recipe for Sungold tomatoes.

Sungold Tomatoes from Carlo Mirarchi of Roberta’s


2 punnet baskets Sungold tomatoes
Maldon salt to taste
Extra-virgin olive oil for searing
2 teaspoons (10 grams) raw cream
Leaves of 1 sprig opal basil
Leaves of 1 sprig lemon basil
Freshly cracked black pepper to taste


Juice half of the Sungold tomatoes and season the juice with a little salt. Go easy with the salt — the juice is delicious on its own and you don’t want to overshadow the flavor.

Let some Sungold tomatoes come up to room temperature, and cook very briefly in a warmed skillet.

Try to just warm the tomatoes but make sure the skin stays intact.

Put the tomato juice in a bowl and place the seared tomatoes on top.

Add drops of cream around the tomatoes.

Garnish with more Maldon salt, both basils, and cracked black pepper.

~ This Sungold tomatoes recipe comes to us from Roberta’s, the popular Brooklyn pizzeria that made its Montauk debut this summer. To learn more, visit

Roberta's Chef Carlo Mirarchi
Roberta’s Chef Carlo MirarchiCourtesy Brandon Harman

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