Dan on Third Terms, ‘Amerika’ in Trouble and Drought Sprinklers

Statue of Donald Trump as dictator with American flags blowing in the wind - a world where third terms are OK
A world where third terms are ok
Visions of America LLC/123RF

Dan’s Papers founder Dan Rattiner shares his thoughts on some current events.


Former President Donald Trump apparently continues to believe that the 2020 election was stolen from him, according to his legal team. Democrats would do well to approve this claim. Let’s all agree that he was elected twice. There is the two-term rule (the 22nd amendment). Nobody is allowed to run for a third term. That’s why former President Barack Obama didn’t run in 2020. It’s a law. So Trump can’t run in 2024. He needs to step aside. I’m sure he understands that.


America is in deep trouble. People live on street corners, in tents and in cars. Their jobs don’t pay enough. They get fat on junk food, healthcare is in shambles, families don’t stay together, college kids owe a fortune, Congress is paralyzed, AR-15 assault rifle shooters are on the rampage in schools, and outrageous lies are presented as truth. Did I miss anything? Oh, global warming.

We have been sliding into this for more than 20 years. You can’t blame this on immigration, Silicon Valley or the liberals.

I blame it on the long-ago decision America made to police the world, frown on any culture that doesn’t aspire to our way of life and then throw money to uplift all the poor people on the Earth so they can share the American dream at home. It’s only fair. Remember when the richest man in America, Bill Gates, gave away $50 billion to build health clinics in Africa? Nothing for Americans.

We meant well. We really did. It just didn’t work. We’ve knocked ourselves out.


The Suffolk County Water Authority is asking people who have automatic sprinkler systems watering their lawns not to have them go on between midnight and 7 a.m. A lot of people choose 6 a.m. The sun rises, the lawns sparkle. But sprinkling all at the same time strains the system. The authority wants people to not sprinkle after midnight. Are people going to do that? Guess.

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