Gail Gallagher Discusses Her Dan’s Papers Cover Art Debut

September 30, 2022 Dan's Papers cover art (detail) by Gail Gallagher
September 30, 2022 Dan’s Papers cover art (detail) by Gail Gallagher

This week’s cover is special because we have the honor of debuting first-time Dan’s Papers cover artist: Gail Gallagher. Here, she discusses the Noyac scene that inspired this cover, plein air painting with her husband and more.

Gail Gallagher
Gail Gallagher

A Conversation with Gail Gallagher

What is the name of this painting, and where was this scene that inspired you to paint it?

This painting “L’Heure Bleue, Noyac” is a favorite plein air painting spot in a quiet neighborhood, just off one of the Peconic Bay inlets in Noyac.

How did you decide upon the painting’s composition, colors and other design details?

Previously, my plein air depictions of this spot had been during mid-day. One very still late summer evening we stopped in for a look, and I was astonished by its ethereal transformation. The stillness of water, the reflection of the sunset in the clouds and water. The sweet boat. I was charmed. The words, “Blue Hour” popped into my head. This is a studio painting inspired by plein air experience and a reference photo that I took.

What do you enjoy most about painting the Hamptons?

Back in 2012, I began writing a blog called “Painting the Hamptons,” to which I still post updates. The beauty and rich history of the area is so inspiring! My husband, Hugh, is also an artist, and we both enjoy discovering the beautiful scenes that have inspired local artist for years. One spot that we found is known in the local plein air painting community simply as “Secret Beach.” Perhaps it should be known among artists as “Open Secret Beach!”

We are new members of The Wednesday Group plein air painters. It has been exciting to learn some of their painting spots that were unknown to us. The local art community in the Hamptons is still as vibrant now as it was in the late 19th century, probably more so.

What compelled you to submit this lovely painting?

Every week I look forward to Dan’s cover! I’m glad that you’ve chosen mine!

Not counting this cover, what’s is one artistic achievement that you’re proud of?

I am grateful to be one of the first living local artists to be featured in group shows at the Gardiner Mill Cottage Museum Gallery. The permanent collection of the gallery holds historic fine art by Thomas Moran, Mary Nimmo Moran and other artist heroes of mine. I hope to follow in the footprints of the many artists who’ve inspired me here.

What is one short-term or long-term artistic goal you’d like to achieve?

I would like to finish some of the plein-air sketches that I began over the summer. A couple of them I know will be beauties! In the long term, I would like to work on some larger studio pieces. I’m thinking about a new painting series of interpretations of historic or disappearing views.

Would you like to share any additional info?

My website is where you will also find a link to my blog. I am on Instagram as @paintingthehamptons. Thank you for featuring my work!

Local artists who believe their art would be a good fit for a Dan’s Papers cover may send high-resolution works to [email protected] for consideration. If one of your pieces is chosen in the weeks that follow, you’ll be contacted about the confirmation and your Honoring the Cover Artist feature.

September 30, 2022 Dan's Papers cover art by Gail Gallagher
September 30, 2022 Dan’s Papers cover art by Gail Gallagher

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