Donna Karan Says America Desperately Needs Hillary & Chelsea Clinton at HIFF 2022

Speaking after her talk with Chelsea Clinton and screening of her and mom Hillary Clinton‘s new Apple TV+ show Gutsy at the 2022 Hamptons International Film Festival on Monday, October 10, fashion icon Donna Karan tells Jacqueline Murphy about her long relationship with the former Secretary of State (and NY State Senator) and her daughter.

“They are really committed to this country, beyond committed,” Karan says of the Clinton women, who are her longtime friends. “And I think this is just the beginning of what we’re about to see,” she continues, adding, “…this country needs them, desperately.”

Chelsea Clinton and Donna Karan after their "Gutsy" panel at the 2022 Hamptons International Film Festival, HIFF
Chelsea Clinton and Donna Karan at the 2022 Hamptons International Film FestivalLisa Tamburini @Lisa Tamburini

About Gutsy Starring Hillary Clinton & Chelsea Clinton

Based on the Clintons’ New York Times bestseller The Book of Gutsy Women: Favorite Stories of Courage and Resilience, Apple TV+’s new, eight-part docu-series, Gutsy, follows “Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton as they go on adventures with some of the world’s boldest and bravest women — from household names to unsung heroes — who make us laugh and inspire us to be more gutsy.”

Each episode of the show, which launched on Friday, September 9, features a different powerful woman, including stars and icons such as Goldie Hawn, Kate Hudson, Dr. Jane Goodall, Megan Thee Stallion, Gloria Steinem, Kim Kardashian, Wanda Sykes, Amy Schumer and others.

The 30th annual Hamptons International Film Festival will continue through this Sunday, October 16. Visit for details.

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