Southold Police Chief Reinstated After Party Suspension

Southold Police Southold Town Police
Southold Town Police (Southold Town photo)

The Southold Town Board unanimously reinstated Southold Police Chief Martin Flatley on October 23 after he was suspended for quashing community complaints about a large party two years ago.

While the top cop is back on the job, four other town employees remain subjects of an ongoing investigation that could result in disciplinary action pending hearings to be adjudicated by the town board at a later date.

“I apologize to all the residents of the town and in particular to the residents who called 911 to the police department to register a complaint regarding activities associated with the retirement party,” Flatley said at the meeting. “It deserved a professional response from our department, which they did not receive.”

The complaints police ignored were about a large group of people attending a retirement party for then-Sgt. Steven Zuhoski, in violation of New York State social distancing mandates that were in effect during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

Flatley will retire in 2024 under the terms of his reinstatement.

“I will ensure that this type of activity will never occur again under my leadership,” the chief added. “I will work to restore the trust and relationship that all Southold Town residents deserve to have with their police department.”

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