AmeriBag, it’s Downright Healthy for You

Okay my dear shoppers and busy travel bugs, guess what I have recently discovered? What every woman needs over her shoulder, an AmeriBag®! Whoever you are, wherever you go, and whatever you do, the AmeriBag Healthy Back Bag® tote will give you the versatility, style and comfort to enjoy your journey every step of the way.

What is an Ameribag? Co-created and co-owned by Margery Gaffin the AmeriBag, is the Healthy Back Bag Tote, a unique bag designed with your comfort in mind. It’s ergonomic shape contours to the curves of your body, making it the most comfortable bag you’ll ever carry. By hanging asymmetrically, weight is distributed along the entire length of your back instead of one pressure point on the shoulder, reducing apparent stress on the neck, back and shoulders. Its trademarked shape and patented design have improved the comfort of millions of people worldwide. [expand]

The Healthy Back Bag® tote’s comfortable design and sleek look has attracted millions of dedicated consumers resulting in a very large fan base and cult following. The premise is simple—its ergonomic shape contours to the natural curve of the human spine. By hanging asymmetrically, weight is distributed along the entire length of the back, rather than on one pressure point on the shoulder, therefore reducing apparent stress on the neck, shoulders and back. The bag also redefines organization. Multiple interior and exterior pockets provide the perfect place for all of your favorite belongings and keeps weight distribution even throughout the bag. An easy-see silver lining helps you to locate items quickly. Features such as a handy key hook and non-slip adjustable shoulder strap, add to its functionality, making it a natural choice for anyone on the go. It is the only bag designed with the human body in mind and is ready to when you are.

Created by Marge Gaffin, who suffered from back pain after a roller skating accident, and then had surgery to fix her injury, she could not find a tote that was comfortable. She enlisted her leather craftsman husband, Irwin Gaffin, in addition to a surgeon and a chiropractor to create the Healthy Back Bag that has currently sold over three million bags with over $200 million in retail sales. The bags can be shipped worldwide and domestically, and the prices range from $25 to $200.

With back-to-school around the corner, this is the perfect accessory for every student. It should be on your shopping list for cool, comfy school outerwear. I wear my bag all the time, especially when I am shopping, getting in and out of the car, my bag stays intact on my shoulder, without any stress…and for traveling it has it all, size, comfort and beauty. What else can a gal ask for? I love it! I wouldn’t be without it.

There are several collections, sizes, colors, and fabrics including leather, to choose from. Brylan Home Catalog for instance carries the Ameribag Healthy Back Bag in small, leather, the Tote in polysuede, and the Peabody mini-sling with many more in stock. For information and to find where you can get this product near your home or to purchase it online, log onto the America website at

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