Do You Have The Guts To Gorge On Lobster Rolls In Sag Harbor?

Lobster Rolls will be the name of the game at the Sag Harborfest this weekend. The delicious rolls (which quite frankly, I can only stand to eat one) will be what contestants will be eating in a very Hamptons spin on the Hot Dog Eating Contest.

I’m genuinely interested in watching this contest, as to me, lobster is not something I can eat endlessly of, it just kind of gets gross after a while. I could eat potato chips all day, ice-cream, no problem, even hot dogs, but lobster rolls? All that mayo?

Now that is a contest.

The lobster roll eating contest is going to be a big attraction to Sag Harborfest as well as the sailboat races. This event is always absolutely fantastic and is a great thing that Sag Harbor does every year and I always look forward to going. The weather this weekend should be pretty good too.

Click here for the full schedule of the Sag Harborfest this weekend.

I’m still a little queasy just thinking about how many lobster rolls are going to be eaten.


On another note, the clam shucking contest is pretty impressive as well. The amount of skill involved to shuck a clam quickly and effectively is very high, and watching pros do it is always slightly mesmerizing.


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