Ringer, Revenge and a Hamptons to Die For

Summer may be over, but seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar in the Hamptons must mean fall is heating up as a killer season on the East End—even if it is an East End that exists only in the mind. Well, there and the new 2011 Fall TV season.

In this bizarro Hamptons, the hottest new accessory appears to be a soapy TV drama, single-word title starting with R, stuffed with beautiful people, posh clubs and sexy scandal. And murder.

East Hampton got the first shout-out Tuesday night on the CW’s Ringer, from Sarah Michelle Gellar as a Wyoming woman who assumes the identity of her identical sister after witnessing a killing and then winds up the Hamptons and NYC living the not-so-fabulous life of her mysterious missing sibling (yeah, try following that one after a few at Southampton Publick House). Some 2.7 million people watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s return to TV, but that doesn’t mean any of them has ever seen the body of water Gellar jets across on the CGI’d South Fork.

Revenge—coming Wednesday September 21—didn’t do much shooting out here, either, despite its “Labor Day, Southampton” scene-setting opener. But the show already has a tangible Hamptons tie. If you hopped on the Hampton Jitney of late you may have snagged one of the Revenge scripts ABC was handing out as a promo stunt for the new series about a young woman (Emily Van Camp) who just refuses to forgive, let alone forget, the wrongs done to her family and returns for…you guessed it, a whole lot of Hamptons revenge.

Whether that’s a dish best served cold is more a question to ask at Nick & Toni’s.

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