A Few Spooky Hamptons Ghost Stories

We’ve collected a few ghost stories for our readers to enjoy this Halloween. We’ve heard quite a few whoppers, but the following four are our favorite.

1. Electric Ghost

Me and my guys were renovating the electric in an unnamed historical barn in East Hampton when we all heard different noises at different times during the two days we were there. I actually had the feeling of someone standing behind me while working on the new circuit breaker panel. Also when I went to retrieve a few electrical parts from my truck, I returned to open the small 5′ x 2′ door that enters the side of the barn and I couldn’t budge it. After a few hard pulls the door finally pulled opened. There are no latches securing it from inside nor is the door warped in the frame. STRANGE!!!  I mentioned this to the caretaker of the property and he mentioned that ”the barn is inhabited by a British soldier from the Revolutionary War and has been heard and seen by many others through the years.” Great, Now how am I supposed to get my crew back in there to work!! –William J. Shea from Shea’s Electric.

2. Spooky In Montauk

Without a doubt, Camp Hero is haunted. I went for a walk there at night with my wife and while we were walking in the woods both of us at the same time could hear whispers around us. We heard people whispering, “Who are those people? I haven’t seen them before, what are they doing here?” My wife thinks that there are ghosts stuck at Camp Hero because when they died, they didn’t want to go to heaven because they like the view at Camp Hero so much. I think it is crazy, but I will say we heard whispers, and it definitely wasn’t the wind! Herman Braff, Manorville resident.

3.The Ghost of Dan’s!

At Dan’s Papers, a lot of us think that there is a ghost in the basement of the building. One night while working late, a graphic designer named Joel ran out of the building because he thought he heard somebody scampering down in the basement, possibly the ghost of a little girl. The next day when he told the story, he was white as a ghost. It was one of the funniest stories we heard around the office because you never would have thought that Joel would be scared of anything. He’s 6’7 and over 300 pounds! –Dave Rattiner from Dan’s Papers.

4. A Haunted Mansion.

I was working at a house in East Hampton located on Further Lane that was absolutely gorgeous and a fabulous oceanfront. I work as a nanny, and was at the mansion alone with the owners daughter one night while it was raining. When I put her to bed, I heard a strange noise coming from the library of the house. I walked into the library, and was kind of nervous just because in general, the house is so big. The library they have is beautiful. I walked in and said, “Hello? Is anybody in here?” After I said that all of the lights in the library went out. I thought it was a black out but then I started hearing books falling off the shelves. I didn’t scream but was in a state of panic and used my cell phone for light and saw books falling off the shelves! And then the lights went back on. I don’t know what could have caused this other than a ghost. Needless to say, I don’t go into that library any more! –Jessica Stier from Manhattan.


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