“Butter” Looks Like It Will Be Good, And Is Oddly Original

I would have paid to see the pitch meeting for “Butter” when the film was just a script. I would have paid to sit there and watch a group of movie executives discuss the idea of making a feature length film with high profile actors, about a woman who is the wife of an award winning butter maker.

But there is a reason why movie executives are who they are, it’s because they can see potential in things other can’t. I would never in a million years have guessed that a movie about butter is something that I’d want to see, yet alone the masses.

But when “Butter” hits this weekend at the Hamptons International Film Festival, it’s definitely a movie that I want to check out. I think this has that “Black Swan” or “Napoleon Dynamite” quality. I’m not sure why I want to see it, but I do.


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