I’m So Psyched About Gus From “Breaking Bad” Coming To Southampton

Gus From Breaking Bad
Gus From Breaking Bad

One of my favorite shows on television, or dare I say it, my FAVORITE show on television right now, is AMC’s “Breaking Bad.”

If you haven’t seen it, you’ve got to get on the “Breaking Bad” train. It’s a crazy, wild ride. The story revolves around a chemistry teacher turned meth producer, Walter White. One of the most interesting characters in the show is his boss, Gustavo, played by actor Giancarlo Esposito. He’s an incredible actor, and he will be in the Hamptons for the “Breaking Bread With The Hampton’s Top Chefs'” benefit gala.

The Barnaba Institute will host its ‘Breaking Bread With The Hampton’s Top Chefs‘ benefit gala on Saturday, October 15, at 6:30 p.m., at 230 Elm in Southampton.

The event will be hosted by “Breaking Bad’s” Giancarlo Esposito and will feature food by Jon Albrecht, Executive Chef, Tutto Il Giorno along with other guest chefs. The event will be chaired by Cathy Moriarty.

The mission of The Barnaba Institute is to raise awareness through education and media as it pertains to human trafficking and sexual exploitation. For more info go to http://barnabainstitute.com

God I love Giancarlo’s character. Did you guys see last night’s episode? IT WAS INSANE! Here is Gus from last night threatening Walk in the middle of the Arizona dessert!

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