Madonna Has Rough Day at London Film Fest

Bridgehampton resident Madonna sure is having a tough time with the international premieres of her new movie, W.E. At the BFI London Film Festival this past weekend, according to the Daily Mail, the Material Girl was booed for not spending enough time with the hundreds of fans who’d waited in Leicester Square to see the actress-singer-author-mogul. After saying hello to a few fans, Madonna reportedly proceeded up the red carpet to a chorus of boos from disappointed onlookers before entering the event venue.

This isn’t the first instance of drama breaking out at a film festival screening for W.E. In Venice, an unprovoked hydrangea incident made international news, but this time there may be an excuse. Could Madonna have been feeling a bit of pressure that’s come with her directing the movie—her first full-length feature behind the camera—about the romance between Wallis Simpson and King Edward VIII, which led to his abdicating the throne? In a word, yes.

“It’s slightly nerve-wracking because it’s about a British king,” said Madonna, who lived in England while married to Guy Richie. “It’s predominantly filmed in Britain, it’s a British production, most of my actors are English and I know the British can be tough critics. But I hope they like it.”

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