Westhampton Gets It Right On Outdoor Music

It would appear that Westhampton has come to its senses when it comes to having a good time outdoors in the Hamptons.

One of the greatest pleasures of the Hamptons is to listen to music playing outdoors, but the restrictions on this lovely activity can be kind of crazy. Store owners have to apply for an outdoor music permit in order to be allowed to have a local musician play outside and have to give specific dates on when the musician will play. For the most part, the music consists of a single man or woman with an acoustic guitar.

The reason that anything regarding this is even an issue is thanks to a VERY small group of people who complain about any noise, and an even smaller group of people who make their music too loud. And even that group doesn’t really exist, as there was barely any complaining that music was too loud last summer.

A proposal in Westhampton was turned down recently that would have made it so that only one shop in Westhampton could have live outdoor music per day, instead of the way things stand now, which allows for many different musicians to be playing outside of shops.

There was one, yes that’s right, only one complaint last summer when it came to live outdoor music, so how the idea of proposing a law that made it so it would be illegal to have more than one musician on the street at any given time is sort of mind boggling. But that’s what happened at a meeting with the Westhampton Beach Village Board. 

It’s kind of amazing that this is even an issue, who doesn’t like live music playing while they are walking around Main Street in the summer time? What’s next? No talking allowed on Main Street? These ideas shouldn’t even make it to the table.

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