An Official End To Plastic Bags In Southampton

Whenever I watch a movie that is set during the World War II era, one of the things that I always notice is that back then there was no plastic. Sandwiches were wrapped in paper or cloth, cheese was served in wax paper, and cups were made out of steel that you brought along with you where ever you went.

Today, we have plastic, and we have it for everything, and it’s literally destroying a lot of the earth and quite frankly it is just downright stupid and wasteful. We serve water in plastic bottles, thinking somehow it is healthier for us than the water that is naturally filtered by the earth and comes out of our faucets. We use plastic to wrap our meat and for baby bottles, and a lot of us worry that chemicals from the plastic can get into our systems. Google BPA and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Southampton Village will be implementing a plastic bag ban at all stores to help protect the environment today.

My first thought when I heard about this was, “What the hell am I going to do! How am I going to carry my groceries into my house???!!”

And then after just five minutes of thought, I realized that this really isn’t that big of deal at all, and I’m for it. Getting rid of plastic bags is a good thing. And in the Hamptons, everybody out here cares a lot about the environment, I would say we are almost religious about it. Every policy out here has the environment in mind, because we all know that is what keeps people coming out here to visit and spending their dollars.

So I say embrace the plastic bag ban. It’s a good thing.

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