Andy Warhol Terrified Me In Southampton

I was walking at the end of Main Street in Southampton, sipping some coffee from the Golden Pear and enjoying the warmer weather, when all of the sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I ran into Andy Warhol.

I was right in front of the Chrysalis Gallery, and standing right out front was a man painted in red, wearing glasses and looking very much like Andy Warhol. I stopped in my tracks, and was slightly terrified by how spooky he looked.

I thought that this guy was one of the best impersonators I had ever seen. He was standing completely motionless, holding a perfect position, the whole time that I saw him.

I kept waiting for the man to move. He didn’t. And then I quickly realized that this  Andy Warhol impersonator, was not a person, but a statue and is for sale. And what’s kind of pathetic about this whole experience is that I’ve seen this statue on numerous other occasions, and was convinced that it was a guy working at Chrysalis Gallery and was very committed to his craft.

I’d imagine if you are a big Andy Warhol fan, you’d want to have this statue standing somewhere in your house, but I don’t think it would be such a good idea to place him in the middle of the hallway with the lights off, unless you want to scare that crap out of yourself.

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