No Doubt In My Mind: Christie Brinkley Didn’t Deliberately Dodge Taxes

In case you have been living under a rock, Hamptonite Christie Brinkley has had a reported $531,000 lien placed against her Bridgehampton home due to back taxes.

There has been speculation in many national media outlets that Brinkley could be suffering from financial problems and is a “deadbeat” who deliberately avoided paying the IRS. From what I have been able to gather, however, I’m confident that Christie Brinkley is very much NOT a deadbeat, and this was simply an oversight on the part of people handling her money matters while she spends much of her time dealing with personal matters related to her parents along with dedicating countless hours to charitable causes here in the Hamptons and around the world.

It’s public knowledge that Christie Brinkley’s net worth is nearly $80 million, and it has also been made public that Brinkley immediately addressed the issue and then took the appropriate steps with her accountants to take care of the matter.

Those who revel in celebrities who financially crash will have to wait for somebody else to go broke.

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