It May Be Time To Pick Up That New Hamptons Hobby

With the New Year, I’m always thinking this time of year that I want to pick up a new hobby in the Hamptons. The winter time can weigh on you if you don’t actively seek fun and stimulating things to do. I’m a horrific dancer, and one thing that always frustrates me is that I never really learned how to dance. Last year I took some classes with the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Southampton and then competed in a dance contest at Seasons in Southampton.

I won best smile, which pretty much means, thanks, but you sucked.

Here is the video for further embarrassment.

The point is that it is time to get on the train with something. Maybe try to learn a new language? Maybe take up painting? Maybe do some more dance classes? I highly recommend dance classes by the way, it has come in handy all year, especially when dealing with dancing at weddings or other social events where the DJ says, “Come on out to the dance floor!” and you pulse rises to 1000 beats a minute.

Any ideas out there for some new things to do this year?

Let’s get a conversation going about this in the comments. I really want your thoughts.

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