OMG It’s Snowing In The Hamptons!

Finally. FINALLY we got some snow, even if it’s just a few flurries, I’ll take it.

I’ve received several reports from readers that there are snow flurries in Sag Harbor right now. And to all of you trade paraders out there who haven’t had much work to do since the summer time, some driveway shoveling business may be in your future this week. According to, we could see a wintery mix of snow this Saturday and it is also expected to snow over night tonight, although it may all melt away quickily by the morning. That means that kids will get to ride down snowy hills of ice, mud and melted snow.


At least we finally are getting some legitimate wintery weather. Just last week I was at Main Beach in East Hampton with a margarita and catching some rays while listening to Jimmy Buffet.


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