The Right Place to Buy a Fireplace

Now that the frigid winter weather has officially been ushered into the Hamptons along with the new year, getting the perfect fireplace or stove for your home is as important as sunscreen in summer. But in case you’re thinking that you’ll simply buy something online because it’s too cold to go out and shop, our friends at Ashwood Hearth and Home Energy Center have some reasons you might want to think that over.

The Question: Can I—and should I—buy a fireplace or stove over the Internet?

The Answer from Ashwood Hearth and Home Energy Center: The Internet is an outstanding means of gathering information and sourcing a local authorized fireplace/stove dealer from whom the purchase should always be made. That said, long-distance purchasing over the Internet is NOT the avenue by which to obtain a fireplace—any apparent savings may soon be consumed in freight damage, installation charges and service calls that would no longer be covered under warranty.

Only your local dealer is aware of building and gas code requirements within your area, and only your local authorized fireplace/stove dealer can assure your satisfaction by installing it correctly, explaining its function adequately and deal with inspection, service and warranty issues.

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